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Friday, May 1, 2009

UT Girls Weekend 2009

Most of you who know me fairly well know that every year I take a trip with my college roommates (Tracy, Kate, and Michele). We started in Chicago, then went to Cincinnati, on to Washington D.C. then to Amelia Island, FL, and Denver last year and now we have checked Tybee Island/Savannah off our list. I couldn't love this tradition any more than I do. Since we are all spread out over the states the fun part is picking a place that has a major airport we can all fly into. This year we agreed on Atlanta and then for a little road trip down to Tybee Island.

I, of course, was the trip "photographer." Was there every really any question about that? I think it's gotten to the point now that no one even brings their camera on "girls" weekends. I love it though. Just thought I would share a picture or two!

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