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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gray + Sara = Baby Nolan

When Eric and I bought our house we never dreamed that the cute newlywed couple that lived next door would have become so near and dear to our hearts. Now, almost 6 years later I can truly say that Gray and Sara have become some of our best friends ever! Sara and I have talked numerous times about how the Lord put us there for each other. Sara and I each lost our dad's to colon cancer 9 months apart and have formed a bond that will surpass the ends of time. There is so much more that I could ramble on about but for now I will say that when Baby Nolan arrives in May Baby Ross Duke (their first child and beagle-pup) will be in for a rude awakening! I can't wait to see Nolan and hold him and of course take some pictures of him!!! I was honored that Sara asked me to take her maternity pictures! Enjoy these Sara!!! You deserve this and I am so happy for you and Gray! Much love!

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Gray and Sara said...

I LOVE all the pics, you are wonderful!!! However, still haven't made the top pic...maybe when Nolan arrives? :) LOVE YOU!