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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boys will be boys......

Friday I went over to Heritage Park to meet up with Griffin, Colin, Gunner, and Asher. Amazingly, I got their names right the first time. These 4 are definitely ALL boy. They were more interested in playing than being photographed so I just worked around them. They were alot of fun to be around and I think we got some great shots for their grandmother!


Jennifer Talley said...

Love these....Are these Debra and Stuart Hicks grandbabies? I student taught across the hall from her at RPS!!! She told me that you were photographing them!

Jill said...

These pics are great! I love the one of the older brother kissing the youngest brother on the head and the one of the 3 oldest boys in the tree AND the last one you have on here - the close up of the baby! Such good shots!