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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anna Claire and Julia

Here they are again...Anna Claire and Julia. Last time I photographed them they were barely a month old. Now they are 6 months. How time flies!! These 2 cuties coudln't be more different. I had so much fun hanging out with them and Tracy last week in Atlanta! Per usual, here are some of my favorites!


becky bell said...

Love the drawers and the tutus! Sooo cute! Oh, to have a girl! :)

Jayme Dills said...

Oh I absolutely love these pictures. The girls have grown and are so beautiful!!! I love the pictures in the drawers and the tutus. Way to go Aunt Holly!

Meg said...

I love these all! Great job!

Jill said...

Holly, these pictures are GREAT!! Every single one is SOOOO good! Great job - what cutie pies!!