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Friday, October 24, 2008

Reed, Jayme, and Addi

I love to take pictures when I feel completely comfortable around my subjects and this was definitely one of those days! I have known Reed and Jayme forever and have been around Addi since she was born. Addi definitely made me work to get her smiles! We all 3 did everything we could to get her to smile but in the end I think we pulled it off!

Here I am! Photographer, aunt and best friend extraordinaire! I just love this little girl. Her mom's not so bad either! This picture is courtesy of Reed Dills Photography!


Jill said...

The ones of Addi holding the pumpkin are ADORABLE!! Great pics!

Jennifer Talley said...

Love your work! I would love to schedule a time with you in the future with my family of 6!!! I am a friend of Jayme and Reed's.

Sara said...

Another great job by Holly Kittle Photography! Jayme, Addison is ADORABLE!!