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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anna Claire and Julia

I was so excited to spend a few days in Atlanta with Tracy, Anna Claire, and Julia. These girls are so precious and yet so different. I loved every minute of my time with all 3 (and Clay). I can't wait to watch them grow. Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

Happy Birthday Grammy Wood! Anna Claire and Julia wanted to tell their Grammy Wood Happy Birthday but they didn't like these hats so much. Julia wanted to sleep and Anna Claire was just plain mad.

Even I got in the action a bit!


Michelle S. said...

These are so good! I really like the one where it looks like one is kissing the other. it doesn't seem that long ago that mine were that small.

Jill said...

The pictures are gorgeous!! The ones beside the lake are my favorites!

Jayme Dills said...

I love the one where they look like one is kissing the other too. They are absolutely adorable. I also love the ones with the dog in the background. It looks like he is watching over the girls. Good work Holly (and Tracy and Clay of course).