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Monday, July 14, 2008


Tracy and I met 10 years ago when I was a freshman at UT. We became close friends and we were roommates for 4 years. We have traveled all over the United States together from New York City to Denver to Chicago and D.C., just to name a few. We have shared almost everything in our life together, from first dates with our now husbands, to our engagements, our weddings, much laughter and tears, and now babies. Tracy is pregnant with TWINS!!!! She is expecting 2 beautiful baby girls in September (we hope, not before). I went to Atlanta on Sunday for her baby shower and was so excited to get to spend some time with her before and take some pictures of her beautiful and every growing tummy!

We will make these babies Tennessee girls, yet!


Jayme Dills said...

I love these pictures but I am not sure that there are two little girls in there. You look beautiful Tracy!

Jill said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love the one of the two of them on the stairs!

tracylynn1179 said...

Is Shelby licking her lips because she is excited about the babies... or does she think they might be tasty?!! :)